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Lunenburg Party Bike Tour

*Experience only: choose and purchase your own beverages at each stop. Our guide can pre-order* 

On the Lunenburg Cycle Tour we will be pedaling you around some of our favorite watering holes.  There are options for beer drinkers, non-beer drinkers, and everything in between!  Groups looking for food please request a boxed lunch from Sea Jay's Cafe to have during the ride, or ready for you at Lightship at the end of the tour.

Our pickup and drop off spot is at Lightship, just a 7-minute walk from downtown Lunenburg and super easy to get to!  Our Beer Bikes seat 14 people at a time (Plus our guide), safely and comfortably with lights, signals, and seatbelts.   

Contact us for private/custom tour options! 

What Is Included In My Lunenburg Party Bike Tour?

    • Beer Geek tour guide
    • Large Party Bike, pedal powered
    • Best seating available
    • Bluetooth Stereo, please designate your DJ early 
    • A pint of your choice, following the ride

** Please note, the cost of beer is not included in this tour, that will be at your own expense - order what you like, our guide can help with pre-orders at orientation**


What Locations Do We Visit on the Party Bike?

We venture through the heart of Lunenburg and visit 3 top-rated watering holes.  

We visit 3 of the following locations:

  • The Knot Pub
  • Ironworks Distillery
  • Old Fish Factory
  • The Dockside


Sample Public Tour Schedule - What to expect on your Lunenburg Party Bike Tour?

Time adjusts to 5:30 pm start on some days.

11:45 AM: Meet at Lightship Parking Lot.  Orientation (15 minutes for waivers, pedal adjustments, housekeeping, and safety).  If someone is not here yet, we call or text them to remind you we leave our tour time on time.

12:00-12:45 PM: Bike over to the first stop (usually The Knot Pub),  history of the pub (5 minutes) and drink. 

12:45 PM- 1:30 PM:  2nd location, generally Ironworks Distillery  for some spirits knowledge & you are welcome to try samples.  This is where we tell you a little more about Lunenburg's history.

1:40 PM - 2:20 PM: 3rd stop, where you can order more drinks or pints. Last stop on the party bike.  Please don't drink too much because we need to ride the bike back to the Lightship!

2:15 PM: Head back to Lightship for your celebratory pint!   Make sure to thank our awesome guide!

Housekeeping Party Bike Info

Lots of our guests have experienced this tour in other locations before trying out the party bike here in Nova Scotia.  Please be sure you know what is included in this tour as every Country and Municipality differs.  

  • Orientation begins 15 minutes prior to departure (10 minutes on Saturdays). 
  • Please be early to avoid missing out!  Tours leave on time.  If guests are late and miss the Orientation and briefing they are unable to join the tour mid-tour for safety reasons. This is why we ask guests to be 10-15 minutes early. 
  • We visit 3 locations.
  • Drinks are not included, other than at the end when you get to celebrate your day with a pint at LIghtship!
  • Hills are a reality in Lunenburg, we work for our drinks!    
  • The Party Bike moves slowly if it feels like your chain is not helping propel the bike, all good - stop pedaling until your chain gets traction again.  The route is a pre-approved route and if construction obstructs the route, an alternate route is pre-approved but is a bit shorter on bike time. 
  • Those at the front of the bike get the best workout.  
  • Those that are pre-drinking, drunk, or under the influence will not be allowed on the tour (You don't even get your refund). 
  • We run rain or shine.
  • Total pedaling is 2.5- 3 km over the 2.25-hour tour.  This is perfect based on the speed of the bike.  
  • Full refunds available for guests within 24 hours of initial booking. 
  • The bike needs to get back to the start point so ensure we have 8 guests still standing at the end of the tour (Please don't make the guide push the bike up the hill - they might die).
  • Please use the white bar on the bike to pull yourself up, avoid using the seats to pull yourself up at all costs.  Pulling on the seat could cause it to break off and cause injuries.
  • Total cycling is 10 minutes between locations for a total of 20-25 minutes or 5-7 songs on your playlist.
  • Please be respectful of our neighbors.
  • NS Laws do not allow drinks on the bike.
  • These bullet points exist because of emails or reviews received, if you are thinking of inviting friends who have a harder time having fun please feel free to ask them to meet you at a brewery after the tour.

*If the Guide does not tip the bike, please feel free to tip the guide.  Canadian standard gratuity is 10-15% of the retail cost of the tour*

Contact us for more details on food options on private tours, custom pickups or tour passenger minimums.  

Ready to go? Book your Party Bike tour or contact us to put together your tour.  Be sure to rate us on Facebook, Insta, Google or Tripadvisor after!

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